This is an energetic class for adults who want more variety from their dance classes while increasing their aerobic fitness. If you are bored of gyms or regimented classes and want to increase your fitness while stimulating your mind, then this class is for you. 

Becoming fit through the creative medium of dance is the perfect way to stimulate both mind and body, while at the same time learning new dance styles from various genres. Perfect for those who like all styles of dance and want to try out new things within the same class.

In Dancacise we move to many genres of music with routines inspired by jazz, indian, hip-hop, salsa plus other styles of dance for a full body cardio workout.

No matter what your level of fitness you will be welcomed into our friendly classes, where we work out and have fun.  Although we can’t do all of the exercises the first time, (especially when we try and get our arms and legs to do different things!) the sense of achievement when we do manage it is wonderful!  So don’t be shy, come and join us